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Internet Explorer 8’s CPU spike when JSON data is loaded

Internet Explorer 8 has a ‘wierd’ CPU spike when the data returned by the request to an ASP.Net MVC controller isn’t HTML.
The response contains JSON data, then an if statement says to return an Html page containing the data, and a a Script tag calls an AngularJS function.
The CPU spike seems to be triggered by the JSON parsing code not all the way back to parsing the JSON data when it contains non-HTML data, as the request is still considered complete.
But why?


This appears to be an issue with IE8 not correctly initializing the request state. The solution is to ensure that IE8 properly initializes the request state after returning a non-HTML response. I found this issue by watching my server’s load average in Task Manager as I was sending requests via IE8.
In ASP.Net MVC, this is included in the Response class’s SendAsync method, which handles making a request on behalf of the current thread.
return ResponseMessage.CreateSuccessResponse(Request, Response);

A quick Google reveals that there are possible edge cases with IE where the request will be re-initialized when the response is not HTML. In this case, this would be a response with the status code of JSON and a status message of success.
void IHttpHandler.SendAsync(HttpContext context, HttpRequestMessage request, HttpResponseMessage response, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
//You can use the custom response class here.
RequestMessageWrapper wrapper = new RequestMessageWrapper(request);

if (response.StatusCode == System.Net.HttpStatusCode.OK)
ResponseMessage smessage = new ResponseMessage()
Name = ResponseMessage.CreateSuccessResponse(request, response),
Message = MimeMapping.GetMimeType(response.Content.Headers.ContentType.

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