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Find what is the difference between a function and a subroutine

I’m a bit confused between the difference of a function vs. a subroutine.
At work we have a function named “fidc_file_url” which is written in a function template.
When I make a subroutine name for this function, is this subroutine also interpreted as a function?
I.e. is this valid:
function crl_file_url($handle, $mode = ‘curl’) {


Or do I have to add the function keyword to make it valid?


Not sure whether this is the case for you, but in C, functions are defined with the keyword function, thus they’re different from subroutines which are defined with the keyword sub (this is just a convention, though).
To clarify, the keywords function and sub can have any valid identifier/name at the end of them (so the identifier/name in your example is valid).
If you’re defining a function in PHP, you may use the short-form (including variables and function arguments) for definitions:
function crl_file_url($handle, $mode = ‘curl’) {



How to delete specific value from class

I need to delete a specific value from a class that I made. I have already put into a vector but I still need to remove the selected one from the class. Is there a way to do that?
struct Game
int string;
int number;
int type;

Game set1;




string str = set1.get(1).string;

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