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OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit | Version: v2.2 | Release: August 9, 2013 The Nexus 2 is a synthesizer.. Refx Nexus 2-TEAM AiR is a fantastic synthesis software it can create the whole.
Nexus.dll file, also known as refx nexus 2 vst plug-in, is commonly .
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Array of return promises (nodejs)

I am trying to build a function that runs an array of promises, and return an array of Promises that resolve after all the promises in the array have returned true.
Here’s my code:
Promise.prototype.always = function(callback) {
return this.then(function() {
return callback.apply(this, arguments);

function all(promises) {
var results = [];
return {
return p.always(function(value) {

The function works fine for one promise, however when I add more than one, it will not wait for all promises to return before it rejects.
Can someone help me troubleshoot what is causing it to reject? Thanks.


The problem is that you are calling something like all(promiseArray).map(function(p) { return }) right away, without waiting for the promises to resolve.
A then callback is a function (which will be called after the promises in promiseArray is resolved) or a promise. You are returning a promise. Instead, you should return the value of your callback, which should be a promise.
You can simply use Promise.all.
function all(promises) {
return Promise.all(promises).then(function(values) {
return values;

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