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Find and organize your music easily thanks to the all-in-one database app. Add music files, audio tracks, artist, album, media, playback information and more with one simple step. Create, organize and playlists, sort the collection and create reports. The simplest and most intuitive way to find your music.
Main features:
• Create folders/categories
• Organize database in personalized way
• Store metadata in the database and each file
• Easily add pictures to each file
• Add songs in ‘Playlists’ and various playlists
• Import songs from CDs
• Export songs in CD-compatible file formats: MP3, OGG, AIFF, WAV, AAC, WMA, OGA, M3U and M3U8
• Import music from M3U, M3U8, CSV, ATOM, RSS, TXT and HTML using the built-in web browser
• Import ASX/WASC extensions
• Add song statistics to each file
• Easy printing of CD covers or jewel case artwork
• Supports ID3v1, ID3v2 and ID3v3 tags
• Set preferred language
• Insert pictures
• Create playlists
• Sort by any criteria
• Add playlists in “My Playlists”
• A powerful playlist editor
• Generate reports
• Supports all types of containers
• Import and export to the online MusicBrainz Music Library service
• Import music from Spotify
• Import search engine results (e.g., Youtube results)
• Synchronize your online library
• Displays song information
• Search for songs by media
• Export playlists as CSV
• Load, export, export playlists to MP3 or OGG
• Customizable settings and skins
• Import from and export to MusicBrainz
• Load and organize from CDDB
• Learn more and contact us on MusicBrainz
• Made with the creators of MusicBrainz, a music database on Linux
• Web site:
• Fixed bug with some song properties like Artist or Title for WMA. Now they are saved.
MusicBrainz Music Library is a powerful service for discovering music online, with millions of entries from music fans just like you. With MusicBrainz Music Library, you can create personalized collections of songs and albums, upload them to a online music library and browse them

MusiFind Pro Free Download

Unrar and unzip all files in archivers or folders, recursively.
Smart key navigation for soft keys and windows.
What other people say about Unrar.
Compatible with other Archivers, not only with 7-Zip, WinRar, WinZip, WinZip Portable.
UnRar supports all known RAR file formats.
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Version 1.4.2 :
– bug fixes
Version 1.4.1 :
– fix Zip support for Empty files
– fix Arj files support
– fix support files
Version 1.4 :
– support multimedia archives (Moe File-Holder, Tag, RARv4, CAB, WINZip, Dizar, Slim Zip, SpeedArc, ExtractionSets)
– support 3rd level archives (No GUI version, still need 7-Zip and WinRar.
– support X-Encryption archives
– some bugs fixed (encode/decode files, and sometimes read/extract files)
Version 1.3.2 :
– many improvements from 1.3.1
– support Mac OS X
– add for URL support and test
– rename History keys (Unrar)
– improve search window
– add the functionality to display quick scans of files to the scan list
– add a favorites list
– add the possibility to rename my Favorite files
Version 1.3.1 :
– many improvements from 1.3
– add the possibility to Edit/Delete scan history
– add the “Properties” option
– fixed a few problems (encode/decode files)
– add the configuration file “unrar.ini” (see “man Unrar”)
– improved UTF-8 and Unicode support (Unicode, UTF-16, UTF-32, BOM)
– added a “Choose next” option in “edit list” mode
– improve the windows mode and the GUI color
– improved the program main form design
– improved the import/export of scan history
– improved the scan list pop-up
– fixed a few bugs
– many bug fixes
Version 1.3 :
– many improvements from 1.2
– add the possibility to choose the type of music if

MusiFind Pro [2022-Latest]

MusiFind Pro is a full-featured MP3 organize application. This software can be used to organize your music collection from your computer.
Key Features of MusiFind Pro:
Create an mp3 album database
Shows as a mini window and displays a mini window on the desktop. It includes the capability to search database as well as mp3 collection.
Re-order files
You can add images, song information, track number, title, artist, album, genre, recording year, length and more to the selected files.
Add Library
It includes the capability to add your music collection and a library.
Copy files to an iPod
It allows you to copy selected songs, albums, folders, playlists, and any database entries to iPod.
See System Requirements

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What’s New in the?

Capture your music collection on record and keep track of the audio files with MusiFind. MusiFind is a simple, intuitive, and elegant solution for easily creating and managing multiple music collections. With a friendly and intuitive graphical interface, MusiFind provides access to all your music, even DRM’d files, and store them in a complete database. You can add as many collections as you’d like and organize them using a multitude of parameters to name your collection. And to keep everything under control, MusiFind allows you to view your data in a tree view, and include notes, lyrics, tags, cover art and tracks information. But MusiFind is more than just a database for organizing your music. It’s also a powerful tool that comes with a lot of features. Let’s see what’s so great about MusiFind.

– Multiple collections with customizable name and folder structure

MusiFind allows you to create multiple collections that you can organize however you’d like. You can start a new collection by selecting a base folder from your computer. Then, you can name each collection with the parameters, for example: Artist, Album, Genre. And when you finish organizing your collections, you can create additional parameters for the collection such as Time, Track Number, Media, Label, etc. That way you can search for specific information in your collections.

– Powerful and user-friendly graphical interface

MusiFind features a sleek and colorful graphic interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. But MusiFind is also very customizable, you can access all of the application’s features from the settings menu and have more control over the application’s appearance. MusiFind comes with built-in wizards, full instructions, and tips to guide you on how to use MusiFind to create your collections.

– Powerful and easy to use DataBase Viewer

After you add information to your music files, you can view the data using the DataBase Viewer window. You can display either a tree view of all the information, or the list view of each collection. The tree view allows you to jump directly to any song, album, or album track, and view the information. You can also download cover art, and see info such as a song’s position on an album, the album’s place in a collection, or lyrics of the song. The list view allows you to browse all the data in the database. This window can even automatically create a list of your collections.

System Requirements:

OS version: Windows 7 or above (minimum 32-bit)
Windows Update:
Version: Service Pack 1 and above (minimum)
RAM: 2 GB (Recommended 2GB)
Processor: 2.2 GHz dual-core CPU or equivalent
HDD: 8 GB free space (Recommended 16 GB free space)
D-Link Software & Driver Support
D-Link USB:
Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements (on screen display)
Make sure

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