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Twenty of the nation’s top tattoo artists from the East, West, South and Midwest come together to represent their region and compete for the title of Ink Master, .n this is the first ever television tattoo competition show hosted by Dave Nolan. During the show game, the participants will perform password tattoos: by visiting a certain place and applying a tattoo, you will receive a sticker with a code that one of the characters in the program will guess.
The series is dedicated to the tattoo style of Baron Duty and Burn Lack and contains a series of tattoo drawings of the Baron and his partner Alison. Broadcast began in 1981 in the UK and Germany.
The first five issues under the name “Secret Challenge” appeared in 1982.
The show was taken off the air in 1987. In 1993, a remake of the show called “The Block” featuring Zooey Deschanel was released.
Since 2016, the TV show has periodically resumed its broadcast in the United States and Canada.
The show was filmed in New York in the early 1980s. “Block” is a phone number known only to a few tattooists. The course of the game is to guess who is on the tattoo and get another one, which will cost only one tenth of the previous one, before the participants win the competition.
The TV show was released in 1981 and 1981 and featured artists from California, Albuquerque, Arizona and New York.
Chris Page, creator and one of the judges on Blocking Box, has this to say about the show:
“The point of this show is to bring together tattoo artists who exhibit in different parts of the world to discuss tattoos in terms of style, color and information.
An invitation to the show can be initiated by the tattoo artist or his agent, the invitation can also be sent by mail or in a team recruitment announcement.
The peculiarity of the show is that each person participating in it plays the role of a spectator, as judges evaluate tattoo decisions.


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