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form doesn’t work with submittion

Sorry guys, I’m really stuk on this one. I’ve read several posts with similar problem, but can’t find the solution.
I try to recreate the following as simple example for myself and I find out that it doesn’t work at all.
What is wrong with the following code?
if (isset($_POST[‘id’])) {
$id = $_POST[‘id’];

if ($id == “hello”) {
echo “blabla”;


Sorry to be this nuisance,


You’re missing a name for your form:

I modified my answer because I found a PHP formatting / indentation error in one of your scripts, and I feel compelled to post a word of warning that such formatting errors can have a very negative effect on the validity of a script.
The error is in this line:
if ($id == “hello”) {
echo “blabla”;

Notice there is no space after the closing bracket. That means the opening brace is interpreted as the closing bracket, and thus the if block is not closed. For the compiler it just looks as if you wrote:
if ($id == “hello”) {
echo “blabla”;


It is possible to have a number of curly braces be interpreted that way, but I suspect this is not the case here, given the location and

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Is it possible to avoid a recursion on the formula that is evaluation?

I have the following problem: I have a triple integral (the integral is over the solid of revolution) that I need to optimize. The problem is that it is an expensive expression (a two-dimensional expression) with a recursion (the function in the brackets) and I am not a python expert.
I have attempted to apply the techniques I read on this page: How can I avoid python’s recursion? But none of it seems to work.
I have tried:
def apply_to_triple_integral(func):
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
retval = func(*args, **kwargs)
values = retval.x, retval.y, retval.z

if len(values) > 4:
for x, y, z in zip(values[0:4], values[1:5], values[2:6]):
recursion.apply_to_triple_integral(func=wrapper, *args, **kwargs)
return retval

wrapper.func = func
return wrapper

But python does not recognize func (it is the one in the brackets).
Also I have tried calling func.func.func.func… but this still does not work.
I have tried to return the function and calling it on itself but that does not seem to work either.
I also tried to return a lambda function and apply that on itself but it does not seem to work.
Is there a way to avoid this recursion?


Both solutions provided by Diego will lead to a stack overflow if you actually work with large arrays. The problem with both solutions is that the calls to the function are not nested inside themselves,

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